Kickboxing and Fitness

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Lessons on fitness from kickboxing and other martial arts.

Let’s look at coordinated strength versus raw strength.

Raw strength is just unharnessed power at your disposal. If you pick up a heavy weight often enough you get stronger. You have more raw strength at your disposal and can handle more mass.

Coordinated strength is different. Coordinated strength is something that we can apply in complex movements and through a wide range of motion. Martial arts are exponentially more complex in movement than something like weight lifting. This complex movement used in kickboxing leads to strength and conditioning that can adjust to meet a wide variety of demands.

We are only as resilient as we are adaptable. Injury or failure happen when the body is pushed outside of its familiar range of motion and physical demand without resources to meet the challenge. At that point our structure actually physically gives out and we are injured. Or, we simply physically fail this task that we needed to accomplish and are set back. Recovery may take days, even weeks, or longer depending on the severity of the failure.

A good fitness regimen should make you look and feel good. We all want that.

Kickboxing which develops high levels of coordinated strength makes you feel good but also, more resilient. It gives you more strength through a wider range of movement.

From this we learn that any workout plan you put together should incorporate as much variety of movement as possible.

It should utilize the core extensively.

Kickboxing uses every part of the body but the power of the movement is always connected to the core. The entire body is worked with kickboxing training.

Your workout should also try to use every intensity level, or gear the body has.

The training should have a warm up phase for more gentle movements. It should have a cruising phase, something you could maintain for hours if need be. It should have an endurance-speed phase which is physically challenging but you can still maintain for a significant amount of time. There should also be a physical red line phase where you are pushing your body absolutely to its limits. Redline training can’t be maintained for long at all. However, you want to be familiar with that zone so, if it’s ever demanded of you can rise the challenge.

Follow those simple principles as you put together a workout routine and you’ll get excellent results! Also, consider adding complex movement training like kickboxing or another martial art for developing coordinated, robust, resilient strength.

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Originality of Electronic Cigarette

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It is sad to know that there are many forms of piracy that targets different items and stuffs and it is definitely affect the original holder of the items and stuffs. So, how can you shop the original product and not fall for the fake ones? It is important that the customers are educating themselves about choosing and buying the original products and it is also part of the manufacturer’s responsibility to provide easy tips so their potential customers are able to spot and recognize their products. The e cigs are recently using the online marketing to spread the popularity and to avoid the spread of the fake products on the market.

The aforementioned cigarette products are the new kind of cigarette on the market that oppositely different from the tobacco cigarette. It is not easy to present the new and different cigarette in the market which already monopolized by the tobacco cigarette and the electronic cigarette is already taking attention from fake producers that immediately copy and sell the fake version of the non-tobacco cigarette. The best electronic cigarette is the one that equips with originality signature such as hologram label or unique packaging that almost impossible to copy by irresponsible and illegal producers.

As potential customers, you should be able to recognize which electronic cigarette that is original and which one is fake product. It is not difficult to gather the signs to recognize the original product or e cigarette because you can get it by reading the v2 cigs review. The review is usually consisting of the product review where you can view the photos of the products and read the description and the details of the product. To get other details or description, you can contact the electronic cigarette manufacturer to ask for certain signs to separate the original products and the fake products.